Knowing that our clients get the most out of our help is important to us. Our services run deep and are backed by over twenty five years of experience. 

Lynn Holdsworth (Director of Access Equals - web accessibilty specialists)

So helpful I wanted more. George helped me cut through the dross and get into the nitty gritty of what wasn’t working with the business! My partners and I were having problems with decision-making and marketing. George came in and stripped our decision-making and marketing processes back to the wood, helped me restructure them in a way that leaves no room for compromise or misunderstanding. He is quick at picking up underlying issues, not afraid to tackle difficult or thorny issues, and great and helping his mentees to see the big picture. Thank you George.

Hinnah Gill (Director of Women's Community Charity)

Small charities have limited financial resources and often find they are unable to afford the high costs associated with developing and maintaining their websites. We were lucky to have our website developed from Mostly Tasks. The website was tailor made to our requirements and the service we received was very friendly yet professional. Our website is value for money, looks appealing and includes the links to our social media sites which allows us to keep in touch with potential clients. The google translate which is included in our website allows our clients to read the information in their community language. All of these suggestions were given to us by Mostly Tasks, being a novice at website development it was great to have a professional guide you through the stages and give advice on what is best suited for our organisation. This is definitely a service I would recommend to others.

Dan Rosen (Director of Dan Rosen Entertainment)

George Nahlis has just started helping my company with our social media…it was very clear straight away how knowledgeable George is on this subject. After our first meeting he had already increased my “likes” on our Facebook pages by around 20%. Not only does he really know the right things to do and say online but he is also so helpful and I can see already this is going to be successful.

Ricky Sodha (Director of BTC GROUP)

George’s company Mostlytasks have been a great addition to our business. He is full of tips and ideas on how to reduce headaches especially admin (that I hate!) and increase productivity. We particularly found George’s knowledge and support in marketing and social media as a way of subtle selling a tremendous help to generate more enquiries in our business. I highly recommend George as a go to person to find solutions for ANY headaches you or your business may be facing.

July 16, 2013, Ricky was George’s client

George Theodosiou (Director at GFS Insolvency)

George Nahlis Mostly Tasks Dear Mr Nahlis, RE: Virtual Assistance As the very busy owner of GFS Insolvency I find it extremely challenging to do everything I want to do. Unfortunately some tasks inevitably take a back seat. I have been extremely impressed with your efficiency in creating a spread sheet with the contact details of all of the business cards I have collected over the years. I now have a great spread sheet with my contacts all in one place where I do a simple search on the spread sheet to find who I need in a matter of seconds saving endless amounts of time going through business cards. The result of your service means I am more efficient in my daily professional life and also when sharing my contacts with my fellow networking colleagues. Having now used your services I can recommend you to others with the highest confidence. Thank you very much! Yours sincerely George Theodosiou BA (Hons) Director & Consultant

Bill Pitcher (Managing Director, Pitcher Solutions Limited) MA, FCIPD, CMF

Pitcher Solutions Ltd takes great pride in giving prompt and unique service to all our clients.

I received an urgent message from my biggest client seeking help…a senior project manager in London for this global media company.

I rang George Nahlis and he immediately confirmed that he could do some of the work, in particular the survey design, issue and analysis, …a powerpoint presentation and then the results of the survey.

I was so impressed with George’s contribution that I asked him to the meeting with me and we co-facilitated it to great effect.

Working with George and Mostlytasks Limited has been a huge pleasure. He is quick to understand, no fuss and no ego, and conducted himself so very well with my client. He is cheerful and has a wonderful “can do” attitude. He is also not expensive nor greedy re fees.

He is accurate , completely reliable and I just hope I have plenty more projects that we can work on together.

I cannot recommend George highly enough.