March 12, 2015

Successful Salesforce CRM project completed


Just completed a Salesforce project involving 21 other stakeholders in partnership to create a local advice and referral hub/one stop shop. To time and budget. Demonstrating a range of skills and expertise. Managing diverse stakeholders, defining and writing technical specification, selecting contractors, managing a project, testing a case management database and ensuring it is ready for Go Live service, training personnel. Implementation and roll out next. Here is one of our recommendation from an IT project “George is a consummate professional with a strong work ethic who can always be relied upon to get the job done. We worked on a project to deliver a national IT solution and in that role, George demonstrated a keen analytical and strategic approach to problem solving. Among George’s strongest attributes are his interpersonal skills and his ability to work equally well with colleagues, clients and partners alike.” If you think we can help you with your project, Salesforce CRM or IT or otherwise otherwise, get in touch.